Cold Climate Heat Pumps

Do you install equipment in regions where cold weather temperatures are often below freezing? You can help your customers improve occupant comfort and save up to 70% on heating costs by offering high efficiency heat pumps designed for cold climates. In this webinar you will learn how to select equipment with the appropriate heating performance in a cold climate, as well as system design and installation considerations to ensure the equipment operates trouble free.

Facility Walk-through for Identifying Needs

This cross-discipline webinar brings you real-world video examples to help you identify energy efficiency opportunities on a facility walk-through. Understand how to spot energy-saving mechanical and lighting opportunities and recognize projects eligible for energy efficiency incentive measures. You’ll improve your skills and increase the value you bring to your customers.

Lighting Controls: LLLC Technology Update

In this webinar, a leading manufacturer leads us through advances in Luminaire Level Lighting Controls. This technology, using granular sensor control embedded in each luminaire, is the key to helping your customers maximize energy savings and reap the non-energy benefits of a networked lighting control system. You’ll learn how this advanced capability is seen as the future of lighting control.

HVAC: General Program and Tool Overview

This dedicated HVAC program webinar will showcase two new tools to streamline program participation and improve service to your customers: the ARC Savings Tool and the new HVAC Payback Tool. The session also includes a review of HVAC program measures and current promotional incentives. You’ll take away all you need to make your next HVAC project a success.

Lighting for Controlled Environment Agriculture (Food and Plants)

Growth in Northwest indoor agriculture operations offers exciting new business opportunities for lighting trade allies. Lighting applications for this emerging, high-energy market demand a unique language, methodology and expertise. In this webinar, you’ll  learn more about the needs of indoor grow facilities, advancements in LED products, lighting terminology for plants, and how to participate in this growing market sector.