Window & Door Replacement

Window and Door Replacement

In older homes, windows and patio doors tend to be single-paned and uninsulated with deteriorating or minimal weather stripping. Along with uninsulated doors, these can contribute to air leakage and energy loss.

High-performance windows and insulated doors offer energy savings, thanks to energy-efficient technology, as well as protection from water and drafts. All of this means increased comfort in your home and smaller energy bills for years to come.

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Cost, Payback and Incentives

Windows and Patio Doors

High-performance windows offer better insulation and greater control over air flow while reducing stress on your heating and cooling systems and improving the look of your home. The typical cost for windows is $40–$70 per square foot or $500–$1,000 per window, although this can vary significantly based on installation considerations, the number of windows being installed and their efficiency rating. Patio door pricing can depend on the style and size of the door.

The payback period for windows and patio doors is typically over 20 years, but this does not take into account the reduced risk of water damage caused by window leaks or the increased curb appeal for resale value. Typical incentives for windows and patio doors range from $4–$6 per square foot.

Check with your local utility for offers.

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Low-e Storm Windows

Low-emissivity (low-e) storm windows are easy to install and cost a fraction of replacement windows. In fact, installing a low-e storm window may lower your utility bill just as much as replacing the entire window.

The typical cost for a low-e storm window is $75–$300 per window if you install it yourself. The payback period for low-e storm windows is about one year. An incentive of up to $2 per square foot may be available.

Check with your local utility for offers.

Exterior Doors

New exterior doors often fit and insulate better than older wood doors, resulting in lower heating and cooling costs. The typical cost for energy-efficient insulated exterior doors with fiberglass, wood cladding or steel with polyurethane foam cores is $500–$2,500.

An incentive of up to $40 per door and $700 for qualifying customers may be available for a new energy-efficient insulated door.

Check with your local utility for offers.

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Customer Benefits

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  • Protect from water and moisture entering the house through the walls, which can cause moisture damage and weaken the building structure. 
  • Reduce outside noise. 
  • Help eliminate drafts, cold spots and overheated spaces. 
  • Insulated exterior doors reduce drafts. 
  • When installed properly, low-e storm windows, which minimize the amount of infrared and ultraviolet light that passes through the glass, reduce heat loss and drafts by offering greater insulation. 

Recommended For

  • High-performance windows and patio doors are good for electrically heated homes that are getting insulation or a new heat pump installed. 
  • High-performance windows and patio doors work well in homes with singlepane windows or windows that regularly fog up. 
  • Homes with uninsulated wood exterior doors benefit most from upgrading to energy-efficient insulated doors. 
  • Low-e storm windows are good for homes with standard double-hung windows. 
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