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Here you can find training, resources and sales tools to help you perform energy-efficient insulation, windows, HVAC and water heating installations. Are you ready to be connected with homeowners in your service area looking to make energy-efficient home upgrades?

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Mike Stothers and the Craft of Energy Efficiency
Since the 1990s, Mike Stothers has been interested in the intersection of energy efficiency and architecture. In his years working as a carpenter, he developed an eye for detail and an appreciation for the craftmanship of a beautiful house. He also understood that...
Designing the Perfect Customer Experience: Marshall’s Approach to HVAC Solutions
Changing with the Industry Throughout the years, family-owned Marshall’s Inc. has stayed relevant by focusing on hiring the right people, maintaining expertise in developing technologies and solution-based customer service. Lisa Bruckner, Chief Operating Officer at...
ThermAll’s Commitment to Affordable HVAC Warms Up During Winter
Winter can be a challenging time for many families, especially when it comes to keeping their homes warm and cozy. This was the case for one family who called ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric in the middle of winter to repair their non-working heating system....
Women-Owned Business Spotlight: Total Quality Air
For years, Rosie Garcia’s husband, Carlos, worked for HVAC businesses and spent stretches on the road away from the family. Eventually, the pair decided to venture out on their own and started Total Quality Air in Pasco, WA. They moved into a tiny office building with...
Women-Owned Business Spotlight: Eastern Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning
In 2018, Becky Hayden started running Eastern Oregon Heating & Air Conditioning, the HVAC business her father started in 2010. Having grown up around her father’s 30-year passion, she too caught the bug for hard work. Hayden says, “I liked how amazing things could...
Outreach Specialist Spotlight: John Heflin
When John Heflin landed his first job as a Comfort Specialist at an HVAC company, he quickly became hooked on helping homeowners save money and solve home comfort problems. Now, as a Comfort Ready Home Outreach Specialist, Heflin is helping connect distributors and...
Power Outage
Staying Safe in a Power Outage
  Preparing for a power outage, especially an extended one, is much like preparing for other disasters or emergency situations. Taking these steps beforehand can ensure that you have everything you need to make it through an outage safely. Be safe – When the...
Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter Weather
  Ice, snow and freezing weather can be tough on your home, but there are plenty of easy ways to stay warm indoors and keep your house in good condition. Follow these DIY tips to prepare your home before the chill hits — you’ll be more comfortable when the...
Erique Arriaga and Jurea Rubit
How Veterans in the HVAC Industry Are Serving Their Communities
    This Veterans Day, Comfort Ready Home is highlighting the work of Veterans who provide critical HVAC services to their communities. From helping families stay safe during extreme weather events to making energy-saving home improvements, these dedicated...
Autumn Weatherization
Celebrating a Comfortable and Efficient Home on Weatherization Day
With extreme weather on the rise, here are 5 ways to prepare and stay comfortable. Weatherizing your home involves taking steps to keep it warm during cooler seasons and cool during warmer seasons by improving energy efficiency. Common weatherization measures include...

Regional Resources

  • Trade Ally Network NW (Commercial)
    Trade Ally Network NW unifies lighting and HVAC trade ally networks to increase energy efficiency in commercial buildings, offering contractors tools and resources to build their business.
  • Hot Water Solutions
    This program offers contractors training, tools and information to understand, sell and install heat pump water heaters.

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