Renters and Landlords

How Renters and Landlords Can Save Money and Increase Comfort

Whether you rent, own or manage an apartment or multifamily property, making energy-efficiency upgrades benefits you.

In the Northwest, there are plenty of reasons to prioritize weatherization and energy efficiency at home — and not just for homeowners. These upgrades can lead to a lower cost of living and long-term health and safety benefits which are just as important for renters.

And for landlords, it’s a smart investment that can keep happier people in the building longer. Weatherization and energy-efficiency upgrades can improve tenant comfort and satisfaction and lead to lower vacancy and turnover rates. Plus, the money that tenants save on utility bills can help them keep up on rent payments.

Benefits of weatherization and energy efficiency

For Tenants:

A more comfortable home, especially in summer and winter.

Lower utility bills.

Safer homes with better indoor air quality.

For Property Managers

More durable buildings.

Fewer maintenance calls.

For Landlords

Higher tenant satisfaction.

Increased home values.

Compliance with new and upcoming laws and mandates.

Reduced maintenance costs.

Ready to learn more? Read on or connect with a Comfort Ready Home Field Specialist in your area for free help finding energy-efficiency upgrades that fit your home and budget

Common weatherization and energy-efficiency improvements

Depending on the age and type of your home, you’ll find a range of suitable upgrades, from quick DIY projects to larger investments with even greater payoffs. And some upgrades pay for themselves in energy savings over time — heat pump water heaters, for example, can have a payback period of less than three years.

Examples include:

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Custom Projects

Building owners and property managers can get free building analysis and scope development for custom energy-efficiency projects from Comfort Ready Home.

Our professional Field Specialists can provide:

  • Building assessment for upgrade opportunities.
  • Custom project engineering.
  • Rebates, tax credits and incentive eligibility.
  • Connections to available financing.
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  • Informational support on technologies and measures.
  • Tenant training.

Rebates, incentives and financing

Regardless of who is paying for the upgrade, incentives may be available to help lower the cost of installing energy-efficient equipment. Your utility may also offer low- or no-cost upgrades for properties that qualify for low-income or income-qualified rebates.

Financing options are also available to help make upgrades more affordable, including:

  • Tax credits and deductions.
  • Low-interest loans.
  • Green leasing options.
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracting partnerships, which pay for today’s facility upgrades with tomorrow’s energy savings.

Check with your local utility or reach out to a Comfort Ready Home Field Specialist for support in determining what incentives and financing options your property is eligible for.

Starting the dialog about improvements

If you’re interested in starting a conversation with your tenant or landlord about weatherization or energy-efficiency upgrades, it can help to reference resources that give the facts about these projects and how they benefit everyone. Share this page or contact a Comfort Ready Home Field Specialist if you have questions or for more information.