Mike Hughes: A Lifelong Connection to Energy

Comfort Ready Home’s Field Team Manager, Mike Hughes, grew up learning about energy. With his father working as an energy educator for Eugene Water & Electric Board in Oregon, Mike’s path was paved with lessons in conservation and innovation. Soon, he found himself teaching his own classes on storm window construction at the local high school.

Later, Mike began working for Eugene Water & Electric Board. He focused on the practicalities of energy conservation as he insulated electric resistance water heaters and canvassed neighborhoods promoting efficiency measures through local programs. These experiences, along with his father’s influence, fueled Mike’s passion for the field and his work in energy management. He spent a decade working for the utility followed by several years with an electrical contractor.

Aside from his professional life, Mike finds comfort in simplicity. Some of the projects he enjoys include refurbishing his greenhouse, remodeling his home, and taking weekend trips in his trailer.

To get in touch with Mike and learn more about how Comfort Ready Home works with distributors and contractors, send us a message.