Mike Stothers and the Craft of Energy Efficiency

Since the 1990s, Mike Stothers has been interested in the intersection of energy efficiency and architecture. In his years working as a carpenter, he developed an eye for detail and an appreciation for the craftmanship of a beautiful house. He also understood that good construction was only part of what made a home truly livable; it also had to be energy efficient for optimal comfort and savings.

After 20 years working construction, Mike transitioned to the solar industry, merging his background as a builder with the emergence of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Eventually, he started his own construction company and learned the ins and outs of running a business.

Years later, when the greenery of the Northwest called, Mike joined Comfort Ready Home as a Field Specialist in 2021. Here, his combination of skills foster growth for contractors while helping them understand how integrating energy efficiency and incentives can strengthen their business. His mix of experience, skills and passion allow him to guide contractors toward sustainable profitability which in turn supports healthier communities.

In his free time, Mike melds his passions for science, art and activity. He can be found building his own backyard skate ramps, spreading watercolor across canvas and making upgrades to his home in Eugene, Oregon.

To get in touch with Mike and learn more about how Comfort Ready Home works for utilities and contractors, send us a message.