ThermAll’s Commitment to Affordable HVAC Warms Up During Winter

Winter can be a challenging time for many families, especially when it comes to keeping their homes warm and cozy. This was the case for one family who called ThermAll Heating, Cooling & Electric in the middle of winter to repair their non-working heating system.

Upon arrival, the salesperson discovered a flame rollout issue, where combustion happens outside the designated area. If left unresolved, the situation poses a serious fire and safety hazard. The family had no other heating source and was not financially able to repair the current system, leaving them without heat at a dire time.

Thankfully, the team at ThermAll was not content to simply walk away. They reached out to local organizations and the local gas utility company to seek support to provide the family with a solution. After tapping into their connections, they were able to secure funding for a brand-new system. But they didn’t stop there. ThermAll reached out to their local Comfort Ready Home Field Specialist, David Olivas, to see if there were any other resources available for the family. Through this connection, David put on his other hat as community advocate and helped ThermAll find supporters to raise extra funds to ensure the family was able to have a family holiday celebration.

This heart (and house) warming story is just one example of how ThermAll has been standing behind their name since 1988. Founded as a force for good in the mission to bring affordable heating and cooling solutions to their community, ThermAll has remained committed to this goal despite the challenges that come with being a family-owned business in an increasingly competitive market.

They continue to grow adding great people to the team, including recently adding a whole electric division. The ThermAll team continues to work with Comfort Ready Home to stay at the top of their game by accessing free Comfort Ready Home trainings and their on-call field specialist, David Olivas.