Weatherization Day is Oct. 30!

Weatherization Day is coming up and we’re here to help you make the most of it. Weatherization Day celebrates the Weatherization Assistance Program which helps low-income households reduce energy costs while making their homes more durable and energy efficient.

At Comfort Ready Home, where we serve energy customers across the Northwest, we know the importance of making affordable energy-efficiency upgrades possible for every home. Weatherization is good for everyone — according to the U.S. Department of Energy, weatherizing your home can improve sleep, reduce asthma symptoms, and help save up to $283 per year on utility bills.

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Weatherization Day is a great time to prepare your home for cold weather, improving comfort and lowering your energy bill. To celebrate, we’re sharing our top five weatherization tips:

  1. Give any gaps the “seal” of approval: Air leakage and improperly installed insulation can waste 20 percent or more of the energy used to heat your home. Common air-leakage trouble spots include windows, doors and ducts which can be sealed with caulk and weatherstripping. Learn more about air sealing.
  2. Go ductless: Consider installing a ductless heating and cooling system to boost your home’s comfort while using up to 50 percent less energy. Learn how you can increase your comfort and savings.
  3. Get insulated: Adding insulation in attics, ceilings, walls, crawlspaces, and floors minimizes air loss throughout your home, keeping it warmer in the winter and preventing the build-up of moisture. Learn more about adding insulation to your home.
  4. Find a contractor: Connect with contractors to get quotes or schedule service with trusted weatherization, water heating, and HVAC professionals.
  5. Take advantage of support: The Weatherization Assistance Program is a federally funded program that provides low-income households with home weatherization services. See if you qualify if you live in Idaho, Montana, Oregon or Washington and apply with your local community-based agency.

Make sure to check with your local utility for available incentives for weatherization, ductless heating and cooling systems, and high-efficiency water heating.

Happy weatherizing from your Comfort Ready Home Team!