Women-Owned Business Spotlight: Energy Exteriors NW

A Business Built on Trust

Erin Ennis’s journey into owning her own business was serendipitous. She stumbled into the construction industry while seeking opportunities to enhance her own home; with her background in sales and entrepreneurship, she was able to turn her newfound fascination into an occupation. Her motivation? The opportunity to add value in homeowners’ lives through comfort and savings.

Erin became the owner of Energy Exteriors NW, a home exterior remodeling contractor in Bothell, WA, in 2014. For more than 10 years, she and her team have been building rapport with customers through empathy and unparalleled service and craft. Erin says, “Every time we are working with a customer we are building a portfolio of trust. When we receive 5 stars and a happy client, we know we added to our portfolio.”

Making the difference

As a woman in the trades, Erin leverages her unique perspective to connect emotionally with homeowners. She emphasizes integrity and reliability in her work, and her experienced team shares her values, ensuring every project is a perfect balance of heart and science.

Community Connections

When Erin isn’t building her own team of female leaders, she is strengthening the woman-led workforce through organizations that share her passion. In 2024, Energy Exteriors NW is sponsoring Women Build, a Habitat Humanity initiative in which teams of women volunteer to learn skills while directly creating affordable housing. Erin also holds a Golden Elite Membership with the Business Ladies of Society and continues her lifelong membership with Camp Fire Snohomish County.

As her journey continues, Erin continues to be a catalyst for those getting started in the industry and looks to provide ongoing support as they grow.

We are proud to support and recognize the women-owned businesses participating in the Comfort Ready Home Contractor Network.