Women-Owned Business Spotlight: The Heat Pump Store

For over 13 years, Sarah Moscatello has owned and operated The Heat Pump Store, one of the premier HVAC companies in the Pacific Northwest. Headquartered in Northeast Portland, and with locations up and down the Willamette Valley, her business has long specialized in designing and installing ductless heat pump systems.

Starting in 2011 with five employees, The Heat Pump Store’s approach focused exclusively on ductless heat pump technology. This set their business model apart from virtually all the other HVAC contractors in the region and allowed them to scale their business dramatically. Today, the company offers both ductless and ducted HVAC systems from multiple brands and the team numbers more than thirty employees.

Sarah got her start in the industry by working for a utility program implementation company, where she marketed ENERGY STAR® certified HVAC technologies. She was drawn to showcasing a more energy-efficient approach to heating and cooling for homeowners. “Incentives are a big part of our business,” Sarah says when asked about how utility programs like Comfort Ready Home support her efforts. “Everyone wants to save money when making a large purchase like this!” Calling on Comfort Ready Home Field Specialist Nick Phillips allows her sales team to stay informed about the latest utility offerings and ways to take advantage of utility programs.

And even though The Heat Pump Store doesn’t offer weatherization services directly, Sarah says it’s a topic that is almost always discussed during the sales process. “Weatherization can have a dramatic effect on HVAC equipment selection, system sizing, comfort and operating costs,” she says. This adds an extra level of care and personalization to consultations, a clear demonstration of the business’ customer-first approach.

Although women-owned HVAC businesses are relatively rare, Sarah sees a benefit to running her own company. “I think it actually works to our advantage, as we often find that women are making the purchasing decisions in their home. Taking care of our customers is really important to us and trust is a big part of that.” Given The Heat Pump Store’s growth and glowing reviews, Sarah’s approach is spot-on.

We are proud to support and recognize the women-owned businesses participating in the Comfort Ready Home Contractor Network.